Online contents
for connected cars

NAVITIME API provides useful online content for driving, such as information on parking lot availability, gasoline prices, and tourist spots that are ideal for stopping by during your trip. This is a service for corporations that can be used to develop various services for connected cars and online services.


service line-up

Spot search

You can retrieve spot information that matches your keywords, address, and other criteria. It is also possible to search for spots around any given point or along a route. In addition to the examples, you can search for spots in a variety of genres.


Acquire locations that can be traveled within a certain time from a specified point and display them on the map.


Map matching

Acquire location data that has been map matched for a specified latitude and longitude.

Map matching

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Advantages of NAVITIME

A service highly rated by many consumers

The number of monthly unique users of NAVITIME and other navigation services and products provided to individual users is approximately 51 million (as of the end of September 2018). We provide the technology for services that are supported by a large number of users to corporate customers.


Providing rich content
and up-to-date information

We have procured over 4.5 million data, including 80,000 parking lot data. Data is updated every month to provide the latest information.

flexible customization

Flexible customization
to meet your needs

We can respond to various customer requests, such as "I want to exclude unnecessary data" or "I want to expand the search function." We can customize the API to meet your needs.

In addition to NAVITIME API,
we also have NAVITIME SDK which provides navigation functions as SDK,
and NAVITIME CONNECT which supports application development.